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How To Apply

By Telephone: We take you pertinent information over the telephone and enter it into our Reverse Mortgage processing software. All the application documents can then be printed with the needed information already on the forms.


Online: Go to the "Get a Quote by e-mail" page. Complete

the form and click: "Submit"


An application package will be provided either by e-mail,

UPS or regular mail, Your choice. Type "Send an application"

in the comments section. You incur no cost or obligation until you sign and return the application package. 



The printed documents can be signed in your home, at one of our offices, or some other mutually agreeable location. It is not unusual for the documents to be signed at an child's residence, an attorneys office or an accountants office.


Documentation: You will need to provide your lender with some documentation. Below is a list of the most common items which will be needed from you:


1. Copy of your Drivers License or State I.D. Card.

2. Copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport.

3. Copy of your Social Security Card & or Medicare Card.

4. Statement from your existing Mortgage Lender (if any).

5. Copy of your Family Trust (if you have one)

6. Copy of the Declarations page of your Homeowners Policy.


In addition to the items listed above the lender will need the original of your Counseling Certificate.


After you have signed the Application Documents you should be given a complete copy of everything you have signed. You can then review everything at your convenience, make notes of any questions you have, and get the explanations you need in a timely manner.


Once your have made application the following things will be scheduled.


A. An appraisal of your property by a HUD/FHA Approved Appraiser.

B. A Title Report will be Ordered.

C. A Pest Control Inspection will be Scheduled.


You can expect processing your application to take from 10 to 21 days. Your file complete with the Appraisal, Pest Control Inspection (if required), Title Report etc. will be sent to a HUD Certified Underwriter who will certify that your property is eligible for the Reverse Mortgage Program. Once that is done your Reverse Mortgage is "Clear to close".

At that time we call you, go over the way in which you wish to access your available benefits, confirm your wishes and order final loan documents. 


My staff or I would welcome the opportunity to be of service.


When you are ready to apply call:

800-481-9999 Weekdays

619-299-3863 or 619-606-1633 (cell Phone) weekends or evenings.

or e-mail me at:


I would welcome the opportunity to be of service.


There is no cost or obligation for any of the informational items I offer.

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