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Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Why Do I need Counseling??


We hear that question every day.


The short answer is because the Department of Housing and Urban Development has decided that you will have counseling whether you want it or not.  Completing Reverse Mortgage Counseling is a requirement before a lender can start processing your application for a Reverse Mortgage. (HUD/FHA and FNMA Homekeeper)


 There is no getting around the counseling requirement. Counseling may be done in person or by telephone. We can assist you in getting a counseling appointment by providing a list of counselors to chose from..


Types of Counseling


Counseling can be accomplished in two ways, In person or by telephone.


Telephone Counselors 

We can assist you in getting a Counseling Appointment thru our affiliation with "Direct Connect". Appointments are usually available within 24-48 hours. E-mail us if you want assistance in scheduling an appointment. We can arrange evening appointments in most states.


In Person Counseling:


This site will bring up a list of States. Click on your State and you will find a list of Counselors approved by HUD to provide in person counseling. Again, you will have to call and make an appointment to visit the counselors office. This can anytime from a day to as much as 3 weeks before an appointment can be arranged. You may want to call around to all the counselors in your area if there is some urgency in getting the process started.

Telephone Counseling is easier and faster.


An Alternative:  e-mail:

I will e-mail you back a list of In Person Counselors for your state and a list of Telephone Counselors currently available within 1 week.


You can also telephone:  800-481-9999 Weekdays.

Evenings and weekends: Home 619-299-3863 or cell Phone 619-606-1633


Ask for Ken Terrill, if I'm not available leave a number and I will call you back.


Courtesy of Kenneth W. Terrill, Reverse Mortgage Consultantd. Providing Reverse Mortgages for seniors since 1994. Home office: Escondido, Ca. at 800-481-9999  Inquires welcomed from all 50 States. Information is provided free of charge or obligation. Currently we are only licensed in California but provide free information to anyone.

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